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Jun. 3rd, 2017 09:14 pm
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Man, they cram as much play-time into the final Palace of Persona 5 as they can, huh? There are, apparently, five different mini-bosses I have to fight, plus I have to do this whole "maze" on a cruise ship to get to where I can actually clobber said bosses. I kind of feel like the last few Palaces were just made based on templates from other games. The Egyptian tomb had some really annoying puzzles where you had to do a lot of running around back and forth. The space-station maze had the most maddening airlock puzzle in it, and the casino had this entire maze where everything was pitch-dark and you had to rely pretty heavily on your Thief Sight (or whatever it's called.... third eye?) to get around and find your way out. I mean, at least the casino had an arena battle area that you had to clear, which was new and fun.

I haven't maxed out very many social links. I am looking forward to doing that in NG+.

I have heard rumors of a more polished version getting released at some point in the future, which would add content like extended play, extra boss dungeons, and some content to flesh out the plot and characters a little more. I would personally love to have met Haru, one of my team-mates, a lot earlier in the game and started building a social link with her earlier in the game. By the time you meet her, you only really have about two months to max her out in addition to everything else. Plus, if you do decide to pursue a romance with any of the girls, it'd be nice to have all of your options laid out for you fairly early. In an "ultimate"/"golden"/"crimson" edition, I would like to have a female protagonist (like P3 FES) so that I could pursue some of the male social links with romance as a goal. But, since the male protag got his criminal record (and therefore entire reason for being in Tokyo in the first place) from trying to protect some woman from a drunk, horny, and politically powerful person, I'm not sure how they would manage to pull off a comparable "crime" for a female protagonist that would have the same consequences.

I do think that the climax of the game was sort of rushed, since there's this enormous exposition dump that takes two in-game days to get through. I mean, they could have handled that part a little better - maybe spread it around a little more in between. Then again, I don't know how they'd have managed the Big Reveal about the Traitor without handling it the way they did. I 'unno, I just think that the info-dump was kind of a clumsy way to do it, even for a JRPG aimed at teens.

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May. 6th, 2017 01:09 pm
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Why didn't anyone tell me that there was a third Distant Worlds out?? I finally found something to use my remaining Amazon gift card balance from Christmas on. Too bad none of the e-books on my list are less than a dollar, though. Oh well. Patience.

I'm working my way through the next Persona 5 Palace. Have I mentioned yet that this game is totally awesome?

Speaking of games, I've recently learned about a site called Backloggery that helps you track your backlog of games. I created an account, and this is me. I will be learning how this site works later. I have quite the backlog, between all my systems and my Steam account... Damn you, Steam, and your sales! ::sfist::

I would like to do something fun today, but the weather looks pretty iffy outside. I should also be cleaning since I can't find the top of my desk again. I swear, the second I clear it off, a whole new crop of stuff sprouts up.

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May. 5th, 2017 11:58 pm
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I have finished the third Palace in Persona 5. I am on a roll! And I think I've found the Persona character that resonates most with my personality: Makoto Niijima. She's very dutiful and serious, but deep down she wants to defy the expectations around her and do her own thing. Plus, her Persona is a cool biker-babe.

I wanted to play some more, but I'd already played about an hour and a half.... Besides, that's what weekends are for.

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Apr. 26th, 2017 12:09 pm
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I don't know if anyone is actually interested, but I am still going to post about my progress on Persona 5 (and possibly any other game I might be playing). Why? Because it's my blog and I post about what I want to.

I am starting the second Palace and have acquired a new team-mate. I have also been introduced to the ongoing randomly-generated "grinding" dungeon called Mementos. I like the introduction of Mementos because it allows you to find Personas that you might have missed in other Palaces, and you can grind for experience. This is important because once the Palace's Treasure has been acquired, the Palace collapses and you can't access it again. Mementos allows you to do small missions in a dungeon similar to Tartarus in Persona 3, and you get to drive a little cat-bus and run over enemies with it. What's also nice about Mementos is that you don't have to worry about increased Alert levels, so if you fail an ambush on a lot of Shadows, you don't have to worry about being booted out of the dungeon or failing the mission.

I have also recently remembered that the PS3 has wireless controllers. The cable that comes with the controllers is kind of short, so I found myself standing rather close to the t.v. in order to play, which is fine for short play sessions, but you usually have to play at least an hour at a time before you can get to a decent stopping point.


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