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Apr. 10th, 2017

Well, it appears that LiveJournal is more or less kaput. It was a nice, long run though, but I think the latest Terms of Service update ended up being the death-knell for the site. At least, it's the reason I'm leaving - not because I don't agree to the TOS, but because I couldn't even access the damn thing to see if I agreed or didn't agree to it. Oh well.

So.... here we are. Talking to the ether again. My old journal was Friends Only, but, I think I'm willing to open this up a bit. As it was, there was only one friend still reading and, well, it was kinda lonely, ya know? So, for the moment, I'll leave this blog unlocked. We'll see what happens later.

I've decided to change up the theme a little bit. I used to have a Key the Metal Idol theme on my old journal, hence Dream of an Automaton. However, I think I'd like to change things up a little bit. So... until I decide what kind of blog this will be, there will probably be a lot of title changes and stuff.
My brother's cat is out to kill me, and I don't know why. I think all that Game of Thrones we have been watching has been affecting him. Apparently he's secretly a Lannister? At any rate, because Toby is out for blood, I have possibly broken, definately injured, my toe. It is still pretty purple and swollen, but it gets better day by day. I can't walk right, though. Damn crazy cat.

I have an interview tomorrow. I am hoping that my injured foot won't prevent me from walking in my nice "interview shoes". It's not a library job, but...well, it's a job. And if I don't get it, well, it's not like I haven't heard "No" from a potential employer before. At my last count, I've heard it almost 50 times. 50 more times, and maybe I'll send a rejection letter for their rejection letter and tell them I'll start Monday at 8 and see what happens.

Mom was home on Spring Break last week. She expressed an interest in watching Game of Thrones, since it has won several awards and is really popular. So, I trot upstairs and get my season sets and we've spent the last week binge-watching all six seasons. I think she's Team Arya (the best team), but she's also rooting for Daenerys. I told her she'd like GoT, since it's a pretty complex story, but I warned her that there was a lot of graphic violence and sex. I don't think she was quite expecting as much sex and violence as there was, and it's still probably about half as much as is in the books. At any rate, I'm glad that she enjoyed it.

I have got to start exercising. It would be easier without this injured foot, but I'm trying to do stuff that doesn't require the use of my feet or flexing my toes. But, I really should take advantage of the lovely weather and start walking.

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