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I have applied for an open posting in Texas. I'm...not really sure about living in Texas, since I have only ever driven through there, but... it's a job and I have to go where the job is, right? And, the city is one of the major metropolitan areas, so I'm sure there will be tons of stuff to do. And it's not on a coast, so I'll get away from all the crazy coastal weather. And it's beef country, so I'll actually be able to get a decent steak (seriously, living on the coast sucks because all these places specialize in cooking seafood and crappy steaks).

But, we'll see.

Ugh. I'm so sick of job hunting and the whole package associated with it. I'm tired of getting my hopes up about a job posting and not hearing anything back, or getting a rejection without even getting an interview, or getting an interview and getting a rejection... Is there such a thing as hope-fatigue? I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

And I'm tired of outdated advice given out by well-meaning people online or in the family or friends of the family or... let's just say that if you haven't had to look for work in the last, oh, ten years or so, just shut your mouth. I can guarantee you that if your advice involves calling hiring managers, mailing unsolicited paper resumes, cover-letters (no one bloody reads them, stop asking for them in your application process or telling people to include them in a resume as part of your advice), or "pounding the pavement", you are seriously out of touch and will be cursed with death by a thousand resume-paper-cuts.

And, hiring managers - how about all of you get together at some big convention and hammer out exactly what you want out of your applicants. As in, standardize your resume format - do you want duties, do you want accomplishments, do you want both? What about branding statements vs objectives? Is anyone actually using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, or is this just a lie put out by Microsoft to mine people's personal information? Is it possible that you could publish some sort of, I dunno, better description of jobs so that people actually know what they're going to be expected to do? And could you stop using fancy-sounding titles for bullshit jobs that no one wants to do? I mean, seriously? "Brand ambassador"? "Team-member"? Just call it what they are: Salesperson, line cook, general peon.... And for the love of small fluffy animals, stop trying to make your listings sound like "fun". If a listing wants a "rock star" to work in an "energetic environment", all that really means is that you want someone who can do all things/be all things in an understaffed workplace where they'll get shouted at a lot... stop trying to make it sound more fun than it is. Just... stop.

Ugh. /rant
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