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The library that I turned down called me back to try to address any concerns I had about the job. I told her about my concerns, and she told me that the system is really big and that openings happen a lot in different locations at different levels, but that she couldn't guarantee anything. She told me they'd keep me on the list and gave me her contact information if I had other concerns.

After my rejection from the local branch library, I'm kind of...reevaluating my life. They say you should just get up and try again, but when even the people who know you in person, your work ethic, and your education level decide you aren't even good enough for an interview, it's hard to get back up from that. They may claim it's a business decision, but it's hard not to see it as a personal snub, especially when they don't talk to you directly (or really even tell you at all, you just have to find out through other people because it's not like HR actually sends updates to people). I dunno... I just have a lot of...feelings about this. Mostly negative ones.

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