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I finished Mortal Coils today, but the used book store didn't have the sequel, All That Lives Must Die. I am going to have to wait and check back every so often.

I quite enjoyed Mortal Coils though. It was interesting to see the author's take on different mythological figures and the Hero's Cycle. I am looking forward to finding the sequel sometime soon... C'mon, 2nd and Charles. Don't fail me now!

In the mean time, I'm reading Hotel Iris. I liked this author's other works, The Housekeeper and the Professor, and I absolutely adored Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales, so I have high hopes for Hotel Iris.

Tomorrow is the big Skype interview. I'm pretty nervous about it,especially since I have to perform like a dancing bear. At least once it's over, I can focus on something else for the rest of the day, maybe the day after. Honestly, they don't tell you that the interview process is going to be like this when you're in school. Usually, you're expected to give presentations and stuff once you actually have the job.

At any rate, it'll be over soon. And then I can go back to slogging through job ads and wondering what's wrong with me.

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